Who are we?

An association created for the Waikato tech sector by people within the Waikato tech sector

CultivateIT exists to foster collaboration so together we can nurture and retain technology talent in the region, support technology and related initiatives focused on individuals, community and business, and advance the Waikato as a regional technology powerhouse.

As a sector body responsible for connecting the technology ecosystem and driving technology innovation, CultivateIT works with Te Waka: Waikato’s Economic Development Agency and other stakeholders to collaboratively deliver a digital and ICT programme of work across the region, aligned with regional economic development objectives and integrated with other regional, as well as national, digital enablement and related activities.

Our focus

Raising the profile of Waikato’s innovation and growth in IT to attract talent and investment

Increasing awareness of the scope and size of Waikato’s IT community and the impact we have regionally, nationally and around the world.

Forging opportunities to connect IT businesses and to partner with key stakeholders

Facilitating networks that connect IT businesses with each other and enable collaboration with industry, education providers, central and local government, and the wider community to drive the Waikato forward.

Bringing together IT talent, industry and community

Creating new talent pipelines that ensure Waikato businesses have the right IT talent and skills when we need it.

Waikato: a smart choice!

Growing Smart Cities that increase the wellbeing of our diverse communities.


Josephine Makuden

Josephine graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising from Wintec, and in addition to being the Events Coordinator for the Wintec’s #IoTWaikato Tech meetup and volunteering as Co-Head of Events at Seed Waikato, Josephine was the Event Co-ordinator for TechFest 2020

Josephine is now responsible for Administration at CultivateIT.